Image of the Day Archive, February 2012

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Animated gif Wednesday! “North By Northwest in neon” by Mr Whaite.

A romantic, possibly NSFW (if you work in the aviation industry) new cover (this is the alternate) for Bloomberg Businessweek. Creative Direction by Richard Turley. Illustration by Justin Metz. Actual cover here.

It’s Super Bowl weekend, so Ben Greenman, an Editor at the New Yorker breaks down how the football was designed. Via I Love Charts.

Beautiful calligraphic works by Luca Barcellona. See the full image here.

Topical: Super Bowl victory illustration by Victor Kerlow. Via Fantagraphics.

Gig poster for Thurston Moore at Maxwell’s, Hoboken. Design by Morning Breath.

“Lines and lines” by Peter Crawley. A hand stitched ampersand; 6804 pierced holes, 3402 stitched lines, and black cotton thread. See more here.

“The People Want the Fall of the Regime” by Jonathan Schubert, from his lovely series “Everywhere in Chains.” Via Quips.

A pair of posters for London arts organization Invisible Dust. Designed by StudioMakgill.

The mighty and unstoppable Darren Booth wishes you a Happy Valentines Day.

OkayType launched their stunning, brand new typeface, The Harriet Series yesterday. A rational serif family with 10 weights, small caps, and all the other OpenType fanciness you could hope for.

Scan from a French math book. Via Present and Correct.

From the new (to me) tumblr “Move Poster of the Day,” 1961 Polish poster for Moby Dick. Designed by Wiktor Górka.

“Rayon Beach,” by Jaime Zuverza. Via Coudal.

Poster for Operation Day, Norway’s largest solidarity campaign for youth, by September Industry.

Poster for “100 beste plakate ’01” by Cyan.

Self portrait using type, by Blanda Eggenschwiler.

One of two covers for the Spring 2012 issue of BULLETT magazine debuted with a redesign updated type pallette by Townhouse Creative Nick Vogelson using Portrait, Lyon Text, and Atlas Grotesk by Commercial Type. Updated 02/29/12

The New York Times started it’s own Tumblr yesterday called The Lively Morgue (“the morgue” is the photo archive). Lots of stunning photos to be found, but even more interesting are the backs of the photos. Shown here: the back of a photo from March 4, 1968.

Leap Day William wishes you a Happy Leap Day!