Image of the Day Archive, January 2012

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Illustration for Draft Magazine, by Ted McGrath

Druk for Bloomberg Businessweek. Type design by Commercial Type. Set by Richard Turley

Photo of a scrapbook of Soviet-era graphics from a junk-shop in Dushanbe, Tajikistan by mr prudence

From his “Matter of Time” series: Clock for an Astronomer by Pentagram’s Daniel Weil.

Whiskey Wednesday identity by Sarah A. Cohen.

Rick Froberg of Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes and Obits (among others) responds to Swissted with scans of punk ephemera. More (I hope) to come!

Light display from AUDI’s CES booth.

Dead Clubbing by Anders Hana. Artwork credited to Drid Machine.

Infographic by Google in opposition to SOPA/PIPA.

Amazing, hyperrealistic oil paintings by Pedro Campos

Hot on the heels of the blackout, Moving Brands unveils it’s redesign of Wikipedia’s identity. Shown here (with much more on their site), the interesting and powerful “master” mark, as well as its variations. Meant to be a “living identity,” the intent is for the mark to change based on search results. Overall, a big step forward, but does the mutability of the identity smack of over-indulgence?

“A definition of now.” By Metahaven.

Book jacket for “The Flame Alphabet” by Ben Marcus. Designed by Peter Mendelsund.

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day: “51 Love Stories” by Paul Octavious

Remember not so long ago when jcpenney unveiled their new logo? Well, apparently, they’ve scrapped that. Behold the new, not too shabby logo. Designer remains uncredited, so keep checking Brand New until Armin figures it out.

London’s Design Museum released a video with a first glimpse of its new facility. Below image shows modelmakers trying to recreate the complex hyperbolic paraboloid roof.

Posters for “The Puddle (Stall 6),” a club/bar/theater in Zürich. Designed by Andreas Gysin with Sidi Vanetti, using Processing, and then screen printed on colored paper. More here. Way cool!

In honor of his birthday: Jackie Robinson’s jersey, from the Baseball Hall of Fame archives.