10 Stock Photos of Pi in Pies for Pi Day

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To our dear readers: happy Pi Day.

Whether you’re eating pie, slicing pie, memorizing Pi, or somehow using Pi in your job, we all deserve to enjoy this day.

I scoured stock photo sites to make sure your Pi Day is delicious as it can be. I discovered 10 Pis in pie, and while I wish it could have been 14 photos, but sometimes things don’t work out.

As promised, here are 10 (not 14) images of Pi in pie for Pi Day. In honor of the images and their creators, I am leaving the original captions. Please enjoy, and happy Pi Day!

Aspirational Pi

This pie’s caption inspired the respect for the others. Pay your dues; this pie sure has.

“Pi on Pie on a white background, a feeble attempt at squaring the circle.”

Raspberry Pi

Also a play on the tiny computer gadget, this pie’s Pi is a fresh berry one…that may or may not be even baked.

Extremely high resolution shot of a pie crust with blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries arranged into the shape of the mathematical symbol for pi.

Classic Pi

Of the apple variety, this pie can be found fresh on Thanksgiving dinner tables and in shelf stable packaging in groceries alike!

A mathematical symbol of pi on a baked pastry apple pie.

Declarative Pi

This Pi in pie does not want you mistake its pie essence for whimsy. This pie is serious. about. Pi.

Pi Day Cherry Pie – making homemade traditional Cherry Pie with Pi sign for March 14th holiday, close up.

Shallow Depth of Field Pi

Another one of the berry varietal in another classic style, this pie’s trying to do its own thing…..but deep down, it knows it’s not pulling it off.

Closeup of homemade blueberry pie with lattice top and golden-brown pastry dough “pi” symbol decoration in shallow focus.

Raw Pi

This pie’s got such a long to do list there wasn’t even time to get baked. This is a busy pie who’ll always give it to you raw, unfiltered, and probably with an attitude.

Mathematic symbol Pi on my Pie. Unbaked on a white background.

Sweet Pi

As far as Pi in pies goes, this one’s not my favorite. This Pi in pie is sort of unsettling, no? Just think about the knife swiping through the sweet potato mush as it carves the Pi shape. Really think it over.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Grassroots Pi

This Pi in pie you KNOW is down for a good time. With a vaguely unevenly baked crust and the elusive double Pi, this one’ll be singing karaoke to Bon Jovi at a bonfire with something to prove. Even its caption is unassuming! It doesn’t even know its talent!!

An apple pie for Pi Day. March 14.

Instagram Pi

There’s nothing I can say here that this Pi in pie hasn’t said for itself. You can tell because of the cinnamon sticks in the bottom right corner. (Showoff.)

Pi Day Cherry and Apple Pies – making homemade traditional various Pies with Pi sign for March 14th holiday, on white wooden background, top view.

Rustic Pi

Rustic Pi presents a reasonable middle ground between the Grassroots Pi and the Instagram Pi. This looks like a Pi in pie baked by a human who is content with themselves. And honestly, that’s really refreshing.

High-angle view of homemade blueberry pie with lattice top and golden-brown pastry dough “pi” symbol decoration, isolated on white.