‘100 Ways Of Mending’ Inspires The Art Of Embroidery

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Designer Rhea Muthane created the personal project “100 Ways Of Mending” to make crafting more entertaining and highlight the magical imperfections of it all.

An ostensibly massive undertaking, Rhea has created many unique pieces with so much imaginative thought to be explored, from button-down embroidery to a meadow-stitched orb. I love that Rhea developed this project during the pandemic; it brings a longing to each piece, one for the past and the future, all while making the present just a little more beautiful and bearable.

100 Ways Of Mending is a creative mending project that uses repair as an artistic medium. Using everyday materials around the house and very basic skills the project is meant to inspire new perspectives around trash and reuse. It aims to make crafting more entertaining and flaws more aspirational by finding silver lining in all things that have gone bad. Combining storytelling, creativity and soul this project is a pandemic project meandering around thoughts from isolation and society.

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Rhea Muthane