5 Healthy Design Routines From Creatives Around the World

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We’ve all been told how important routines are for a healthy and productive lifestyle. But creating a new routine is hard. Especially as a creative person, and even more so when the world seems to be crumbling around you. But what if you had examples of routines that work for creatives just like you? Not just statements about drinking a lot of water and getting enough sleep, but a real time table, and actionable items for fighting the fear of the blank page, and links to inspirational websites? That is exactly the resource Readymag has created with their new Daily Routines experiment.

Readymag explored the lives of five designers around the world to learn what helps keep them productive and creative. The result is an illustrated editorial full of habits that could be just what your daily routine is missing. Here are five takeaways we learned from this talented bunch.

1. Mind the Brief—or Create your Own

Three of the five creatives interviewed for Daily Routines mention the importance of truly understanding the project you’re working on by revisiting and reinvesting in the brief. If there is no brief, do your own research on the company you’re designing for. If it’s a personal project, create a brief for yourself to help stay on track.

2. Don’t Live in Someone Else’s Design Utopia

Designer Pavel Kedich from Riga sums this one up very nicely: “There is this common idea of a designer’s environment that includes tables, white walls, beautiful books, etc. I actually think that’s rather strange. It may help, but if you buy into it too deeply, it can also destroy you. It’s like the Modernist utopia that seems so desirable, but disturbs almost everyone who ultimately lives in it. At least keep something human, allowing yourself to make something new in your own way.”

3. Stay Tuned-in to Inspiration

No matter where you’re at in your career, it’s important to know where you draw your inspiration from, and to keep it within easy reach. Be conscious, be mindful. Bookmark your favorite websites with motivational content. Collect books and magazines that bring you joy. Buy art supplies from around the world. Listen to music that gets you in the groove. Replenish the well early, and often.

4. Explore the Analog

Ultimately, the battle between analog and digital comes down to personal preference, but it’s never a bad idea to get some analog practice in with your tools and a sketchbook. The analog process provides tactile feedback when working on a project and can often force creatives to slow down a bit and think while they work.

5. Work Around Work

All five creatives include time in their day for relaxation and hobbies. Whether it’s taking a moment to cook one big meal every day, imbibing in an at-home cocktail hour, or getting a quick workout in, giving your brain time away from work can be just what you need for a creative breakthrough.