7 Hilarious Instagram Illustrators You Should Be Following

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Now more than ever, we are sick and tired of the phrase “now more than ever.” Our social media feeds are full of political and COVID history in the making. And while it is incredibly important for everyone to stay informed and raise our voices to combat misinformation and rampant injustice, it is also very important to take care of our mental health so we can keep fighting the good fight. This list of Instagram illustrators can help bring a bit of humor back to your feeds. Follow them for a sprinkle of wit here and a dash of dark comedy there—they’ll have you ready to fight the patriarchy or start seeing that new therapist in no time.

Shelby Lorman, aka @awardsforgoodboys

… Aka the account that introduced me to this particular breed of Instagram art comedy. I’m not sure if Lorman would call herself an illustrator, considering her bio openly pokes fun at her “bad drawings.” But the content and the artwork together are enough to pose some serious questions. Her account regularly receives backlash and negative comments from the #NotAllMen crusaders, but that hasn’t stopped Awards for Good Boys from growing a following 434K strong. And don’t worry, guys: She pokes fun at terrible women sometimes, too.

Jodie Langford, aka @bodeburnout

“It started as a way to rid myself of what was on my mind in a humorous way,” Langford tells PlayJunkie. And boy is she humoro
us indeed. Bode Burnout is full of colorful puns and sarcastic strokes that can leave you laughing out loud or groaning with empathy. Join her 266K followers for an existential waterslide of relatable content.

Christine Rai, aka @yeahitschill

Take a break from the darker, sarcastic side of Instagram humor and cuddle up with some of Rai’s colorfully cute musings. Rai will definitely teach you something new every day, and sometimes those lessons will be difficult. But her artwork is sure to leave you feeling more powerful and validated than drained and worrisome.

Huda F, aka @yesimhotinthis

Huda puts it best in her Instagram bio: “[A] webcomic about the musings of a slightly sweaty Muslim-American woman.” Her cute four-panel comics poke fun at the common misconceptions people have about Islam and Muslim women. Join her 305K followers for some uplifting humor and short stories that will make you smile and maybe let out an exasperated sigh every now and again.

Noah Harmon, aka @relaxadult

This Los Angeles-based illustrator centers his work around honest anxieties. From inner monologues like “Sometimes I’m sad and there is nothing that can be done,” to soft encouragement from the popular “I don’t owe you shit” moth, Relax Adult is a scrolling getaway for those who love minimalist line drawings and self-aware, slightly sad humor.

Lily O’Farrell, aka @vulgadrawings

O’Farrell “draws things so you don’t have to explain them to your bf.” Her illustrations are most definitely not for people who can’t handle a joke or those who don’t see the intelligence behind satire. They’re also probably not for your grandmother, unless she has a crude sense of humor. But O’Farrell shares a lot of important content, including easy-to-understand representations of sexism and racism in everyday culture, and how to spot red flags in your relationship.