A Mural With a Message in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

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As Fox News published Photoshopped and alarmist, misleading images of Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” the peaceful reality was a stunning visual wonderland.

In 19-foot-tall block letters spread across nearly 200 feet, a message took shape on the streets here as it has in other cities around the country: Black Lives Matter.

Kyle Kotajarvi

Inspired by DC’s solid yellow Black Lives Matter installation on the road to the White House, and the Charlotte, NC, adaptation that gave each letter individual visual life, a group of predominantly black artists created Seattle’s mural that stretches from 10th and East Pine to 11th Avenue.

As an anonymous muralist organizer told The Seattle Times, “What’s happening right now should not be forgotten. The best-case scenario is that this will stay here forever, and the city helps us touch it up each year or whatever to make sure it does.”

Here is a list of participating artists. Follow them to discover more of their creations, and see their collective work from the skies thanks to drone footage and images shot by Kyle Kotajarvi.

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