A Newly Refreshed Portfolio of High-End, Specialty Papers

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Neenah announces the release of The Design Collection, a newly refreshed portfolio of high-end, specialty papers for print communication and luxe packaging. The Design Collection now includes new brands, new colors and has been re-imagined as a three-part portfolio, curated by paper attribute.

With so many items in The Design Collection, it became crucial for the brand to reconfigure how the papers were organized for designers and users, for an engaging and sensible in-hand experience. That meant bringing back to touch.

Specialty papers Neenah Design Collection

Specialty Papers and the Power of Touch

“We brought Design Army on board to help us think through possibilities,” said Auburne Gahlman, Brand Manager. “Their charge was to create a pathway to enable designers to more quickly and intuitively experience this growing range of papers.”

A Re-Organization You Can See — and Feel

The Design Collection is now re-presented in three-parts, organized by optics and touch. “Curating the papers in this new way will make it easier for designers to start with the feeling they wish to elicit in each of their designs,” said Pum Lefebure, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Design Army.

Specialty papers Neenah Design Collection

The Design Collection: Pearlized

“In this collection, designers get a full spectrum of iridescent papers including translucent and velvety glows,” said Gahlman.

The Design Collection: Soft Touch

“When you touch these papers, they feel like something you already know, something that’s instantly familiar to you like a rose petal, a leather jacket or a smooth plastic,” said Gahlman. Soft touch papers are specialty papers ideal for high-end collateral and packaging.

Specialty papers Neenah Design Collection

The Design Collection: Tactile

“There’s nothing delicate about these papers. They’re strong and organic. These are the papers that command attention through touch,” said Gahlman.

Inspiration Through Touch

“As with fashion or interior design, where the material is often the first source of inspiration, the papers in The Design Collection are meant to create sensation, to infuse feeling into the printed piece,” said Lefebure. With this refresh, The Design Collection reflect that tactile sensibility so crucial during the inspiration phase of design. But then again, Neenah creates papers and specialty papers for designers, printers and paper-lovers alike. The reorganization of The Design Collection simply affirms their commitment to continuing on with that same aim for contemporary creators.