Xandra Zamora Teaches Brush-Lettering Step-by-Step

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Calligraphic-nerd Xandra Zamora, whose beautiful lettering has been featured in magazines, corporations’ publications and even for the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, teaches novice brush lettering artists how to make a lettering design of their own in two brush lettering workshops.

In the first brush lettering workshop, students will hear an overview of the brush lettering pens and tools that she uses to pen amazing lettering designs. After a brief introduction into the tools, Zamora proceeds to explain brush-lettering step-by-step, letter stroke by letter stroke.

Zamora teaches the workshops with videos that feature close-ups on Zamora’s hand going through the motion of lettering the alphabet. She also includes her brush calligraphy alphabet as pdfs in the resource section so students can closely inspect her lettering examples for all 26 characters of the alphabet, plus numbers, once they have finished studying her lettering motions in the video lessons.

Study the foundation of forming brush letter strokes in this short video excerpt from the Brush Lettering I workshop.

Brush-Lettering Step-by-Step: Foundations in Letter Strokes

In this video, learn the basics of making letter strokes and getting comfortable with your pen.

One note that Zamora will mention is that this is not an overnight process. To produce beautiful lettering, it takes practicing the letter strokes repeatedly. Don’t give up if the lettering is not where you’d want it to be on your first, second or even third try. You’ll see progress in your brush lettering with diligent practice.

For more brush lettering step-by-step guidance, enroll in Xandra Zamora’s workshop, Brush Lettering I. The course is now open until Nov. 16, and the second part of the workshop will be available in November.

The Beautiful Lettering Designs of Xandra Zamora:

View some lettering examples by Xandra Zamora for inspiration in your own lettering practice. For more lettering design inspiration, you may follow her on Instagram and Behance.

Xandra Zamora Brush Lettering
Xandra Zamora Brush Lettering
Xandra Zamora Brush Lettering
Xandra Zamora Brush Lettering
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