Brand of the Day—Project: Proceed

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To support a local small business, you don’t have to give the shirt off your back—you just have to design one.

In April, Device Creative Collaborative launched Project: Proceed to support businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in their native Winston-Salem, NC. Every week since, Device has released new custom T-shirts featuring local establishments, makers and creators, with 50% of the profits going directly to the businesses.

Now, Device is looking further afield.

“We’d love to see creators around the nation get involved to support their own local communities and fellow creatives,” says Shane Cranford, partner and creative director of Device. “This is an opportunity to come together to help the small businesses that give our communities their color and culture.”

So far, Chen Design Associates and others have signed on, and Device encourages anyone who’s interested to get in touch via the project website.

Here are some of the shirts thus far, which are printed in partnership with North Carolina’s Machine Gun Graphics.