David Shrigley Brings Casual Humor Back To April Fools’ Day

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While some artists create pieces that blend in, David Shrigley is anything but basic. His art is recognizable in a sea of other designers because he's as authentic as it gets. His work is witty, clever, in your face, and brutally honest—a true expert.

In honor of April Fools Day, Shrigley has teamed up with DDT, a store that offers a curated range of art objects, limited-edition items, and artists' merchandise, for the second time to release two sets of screenprints and a sculpture in a collaboration titled "YOU ARE SPECIAL." Prints are available exclusively at the DDT Store on April 1st.

Each screenprint duo includes two depictions of animals with wickedly honest quotes. For example, one shows a parrot-like creature that states, "I've got your lipstick." Even though these pieces are for April Fool’s, it's refreshing to see the humor in these pieces that doesn't pick anyone too aggressively. Sometimes April Fool's jokes can be somewhat abrasive, like that one time my brother saran wrapped my toilet, but these pieces bring back casual humor, and we're here for it. David Shrigley can do no wrong.

Joke's on you if you miss the drop.