Design Experts on What Makes ‘New Yorker’ Cartoons Classic Creative Prompts

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In honor of their 40th Anniversary, VSA Partners created an insightful, playful video series exploring the power of design in all its forms. They asked their team to share brief videos of products, places, brands, and experiences that have inspired their creativity and careers. The PRINT staff is celebrating with them by sharing some of these moments that remind us that real, lasting impact starts with putting people at the center of design.

I’ve always admired funny people, but my respect is taken to entirely new heights when people are both smart and funny. The artists behind the New Yorker cartoons are the kind who know how to mix satire with a sense of unmistakable, intelligent wit that relates to current events, politics, and indescribable shared experiences. These illustrations tap into universal truths so well that they make it look easy, but try coming up with one of your own and you’ll instantly realize the depth of the artists’ wisdom.

This is why I immediately related to VSA Associate Partner of Strategy Jess Sochol’s account of how New Yorker cartoons have inspired her creativity and career. We both understand and appreciate the intelligence it takes to communicate relatable repartee in an approachable way, and both feel invigorated by the artists that can do so. So the next time you’re reading a New Yorker cartoon, take a moment to give it the admiration it deserves.