Design Professionals on How Working from Home Changed Their Lives for the Better

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In honor of their 40th Anniversary, VSA Partners created an insightful, playful video series exploring the power of design in all its forms. They asked their team to share brief videos of products, places, brands, and experiences that have inspired their creativity and careers. The PRINT staff is celebrating with them by sharing some of these moments that remind us that real, lasting impact starts with putting people at the center of design.

Remote working often gets a bad rap, especially with older generations. Certain unnamed people think that working remotely entitles people to freedoms they don’t deserve or allows them to slack off and not work. Yet as someone who started my career at an office, in-person, who now works a fully remote job, I find those assumptions to be entirely wrong. When I worked in person, I worked in a closet-sized, windowless room that completely stifled my creativity. Now that I work from home, I find myself more motivated and inspired, and I like that I can work outside whenever possible. There’s also less office politics, more room for innovation, and less wasted time spent in a car to commute.

When VSA Motion Designer and Editor Valerie Paykov shared a video on why remote working was the design system that impacted her the most, it completely resonated with me. She shared how accessible and acceptable the work-from-home lifestyle is, and I couldn’t agree more. When people like Valerie share their perspectives, it allows more open, positive conversations about the impacts of different working styles. Not everyone benefits from the same setup, proving the corporate office lifestyle is not a one-size-fits-all approach.