Just the Tip: More Pictures of Dalton Ghetti’s Work

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[Ed. note: Steven Heller also discusses the work of Dalton Ghetti in today’s Daily Heller. What are the odds two Imprint contributors would write about the same guy on the same day?]

I usually have the attention span of a gnat … which is why I have been drawn to this artist. I would imagine that you can even have a Herculean attention span and your jaw would still be on the ground. Usually I write about what inspires me to do a specific project. This, however, inspires me just because I find it personally untouchable.

One of my favorite design professors Chris Ficken recently sent me an email about this artist, Dalton Ghetti. He is seriously talented.

this one seems kind of dirty

If I was the artist here, I would call it "hungover." It is weirdly similar to the place I try to get my brain to go when I am trying to fall asleep, a tiny little mind inside a life-size body. (It really helps.)

I really don't like dangly little heart things, but seriously, look at this

As an obsessive of typography, this is probably my favorite.

Thanks Dalton Ghetti, for having an attention to detail that I admire so.

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