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Shana's necklance

When friends tend to migrate to each other, I would say the term “best friend,” even “soul mate,” is appropriate. The three of us were lucky to have four excellent years together in New York City, but recently Jennie and Murwarid have decided to set sail yet again—Jennie to Kansas City and Murwarid to Kiev, Ukraine.

And the cheese was left wondering, what to get these two as a farewell token.

“Oh the BFF necklace,” says Shana Tabor, designer and owner of Greenpoint’s In God We Trust. “I can’t help it. I absolutely wanted one of these necklaces as a kid. Seemed like such a thing, and I remember girls sort of collecting them. Like, how many best friends do you have?”

Because yes, you can be in your thirties and still sport a best friend necklace. But Shana’s necklaces are a deviation from the traditional charm.

“In my mind, when I think of one of my best friends, or I hear myself referring to a best friend, I think, That’s my best fucking friend, or Yeah, she’s my best fucking friend.”

So that’s what Shana inscribes by hand on each charm, “Best Fuckin’ Friend”.

“It just seemed natural,” she says. “I feel the same way about our ‘Cheers mother fucker’ flask. I can’t even tell you how many times before downing a drink I have said that!”

The one dilemma I had was that the charm is split only in two. Of a three-way charm Shana says, “We can’t figure a good way to do it! Maybe I’ll try harder.” My solution was to get the “Sweet Nothings” heart pendant and chain with the BFF inscription for each of us. Perfect present!

“So many people buy these for gifts or for themselves that we now have a stamp card, ‘Buy 10 get one free.’ I know, we are cute.”

This Saturday, June 25, In God We Trust hosts their monthly Backyard Bazaar, a little outdoor affair featuring local vendors, drinks and treats. On-the-spot portraitist Nathan Gelgud will be there, and be sure to check out his savvy author portraits inside the shop.

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