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We visited Jonathan Ellery, the founder of Browns, in the firm’s office to talk about his distracting cats and primitive typing skills.

Photography by Christine Navin

LocationLondon Bridge, Bermondsey, southeast London

Year started1998

Size 3,000 square feetNumber of employeesTen


Design in the broader sense

Can’t work without

Peppermint tea, music, clients, designers, and books

Current projects

It’s been a very busy year for the studio, with the majority of the work being digital and moving image. Work includes a global-branding project for Invesco, ongoing identity work for the art consultancy John Jones, and the Wapping Project Bankside.

We’ve just started a new book for a photographer, Dave Stewart, which we’re designing and publishing. We’re also in the middle of redesigning our own website, which has been neglected for some time.

On the art side of things, I’m currently working on a commission from Mulberry for their new flagship store on Spring Street, in New York City, which is to open later this year. The commission consists of three large-scale, sculptural brass pieces.

Best mistake you’ve ever madeI’ve never learned to type, so the studio has taken the mickey out of me over the years for my one-finger approach.But now it’s all changed. With the arrival of the iPad, I think my one-finger approach will be seen as progressive.What other profession would you like to try?Boxing or drumming

Best place for a coffee breakMonmouth Coffee (2 Park Street) and Allpress Espresso Roastery (58 Redchurch Street)

Favorite piece of decorLondon brick

What are you listening to?Right at this moment, Blur

Biggest distractionMy Cornish rex cats who live upstairsOne word that describes the space


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