Kakei Chong Puts Her Stamp on Stamps

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School of Visual Arts student Kakei Chong is a philatelist—and a designer.

So it naturally follows that she married the two for her “Stamp4Art” project.

Chong, who is originally from Macau, earned her bachelor’s from the University of San Francisco before pursuing her MFA in design at SVA. When she began the Stamp4Art project, she sought to highlight influential design movements, and the discipline’s cultural value overall. And then came the political attacks on the U.S. Postal Service.

“I used to think naively that postal mail might be replaced by parcel mail, email, or innovative technology—but definitely not by Donald Trump,” she writes. “This project was supposed to commemorate art history. Unfortunately, it might become my memory of stamp history.”

Let’s hope not. Register to vote here!

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