Lack of Inspiration After the Vacation?

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I just came home from a trip to Portugal that was supposed to recharge my batteries and inspire me to come back with fresh eyes and new ideas. It was the first time I’ve gone whole week without modern communication since the birth of internet. It was unbelievably freeing to live off the grid on a mountain top not caring about beauty created by man but by nature. But when I came back there was nothing to exciting me to start designing; somehow not being around design made me uninspired, at least when it came to work. It’s a good thing I have hundreds of web bookmarks that I want to try and build from.

When ever I get writers block I turn to a few trusted sites that I know will get me going again. I’m sure you all have your favorite sites to inspire you but just in case here are some more.

Portuguese beach

Yawn. A totally uninspiring Portuguese beach

One of the biggest and most well known is ffffound but there is a Swedish similar site called dropular that actually lets you search tags.


Personally I hate working in flash and thefwa, the biggest inspiration site for flash. I’m so glad I found siteinspire, a showcase with a bunch of cool websites mostly in html5 and css3.


For you hardcore print geeks out there beastpieces is a fantastic blog.


Don’t be afraid to post your favorite inspiration sources in a comment below.