Letterpressing the Vote Out

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The Amalgamated Coloured Printers Association, which “celebrates the full inclusion of all persons with printing presses expressing philosophies and ideas through the medium of printing and the printing arts,” is on a mission: to make American vote again.

With their new initiative, Ben Blount, Jenny Wilkson, Brad Vetter and Rick Griffith (who you’ll be reading about a lot more this month in PRINT) aren’t telling you who to vote for. Rather, in a country that’s traditionally heralded as one of the world’s premier democracies yet lags behind most developed nations in voter turnout, the ACPA wants you to simply do that: vote.

And to help get the vote out, they’re cranking the letterpress prints out.

How it works: the ACPA is inviting printers to send in packets of 50 or more letterpressed posters encouraging voters to head to the polls; the ACPA then sends back a blind box of posters from the other collaborators on the project, which you can disseminate in your community.

Not a printer? Not to worry.

For $11.03—the cost of which goes toward printing, postage and those helping to activate in swing and battleground states—you can get your hands on one of the nearly 40 available designs.

As the ACPA details, “We do not capture people to influence them—we provide platforms for people to express themselves. The press is one such platform. As printers, we are an essential aspect of expressing this democracy.”

Here are some of the designs. For the full roster, head to the ACPA.

Tyler English
Globe at MICA
Kyle Durrie
Kayla Clark
Jenny Wilkson
Amy Redmond
Brad Vetter
Annabelle Larner
Allison Chapman
Sharon Kallenberger
Kristin Peaks