Mister McRogers’s Neighborhood

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Mayor McBite

Hand-drawn type seems to have taken over the advertising world in the last year or so—which makes me smile, since that generally means more tasty, accessible type for the masses. So it only makes sense that McDonalds would add some spice to the campaign for their new Spicy Chicken McBites.

My friend and former SpotCo coworker Jeff Rogers got the call from DDB in Chicago, asking if he’d like to work on a print, web, and TV campaign for McDonalds. Oh, and actually be in the TV and web spots as well. Cha-ching!

Handsome Jeff has documented his L.A. adventures on his blog pretty darned thoroughly, so my role here is just to give you a little taste of what you’ll see and read on his page. Not yet having sampled a Spicy Chicken McBite myself, I can only imagine they are both bite-sized and spicy—and fairly addictive. I will sample one on the road this weekend in Jeff”s honor, and chase it with a frozen strawberry lemonade (can’t recall what the McTitle of that is).

Quiet on the set!

Originally from Dallas, Jeff came to New York with his lovely bride, the actress Allison Rogers, to make their mark on the big city. Allison will be appearing in Giant at the Public Theatre, and hubby is now appearing on your laptop, iPad, and TV. Nice.

Jeff was filmed painting the mural for the spot after only three weeks of prep time. “They had a bunch of catchphrases they wanted me to use,” he says, “so I just started sketching. It was pretty much up to me, which was surreal.”

“I knew I’d have one day to paint the final, and that I’d be filmed using time lapse photography,” he continues. “And since I was also being filmed doing product shots, I had to chew and spit out a ton of McBites while trying to be an actor.”



AND FINALLY, THE MURAL (not unlike that little painting in the Sistene Chapel I saw last summer):

For more hand-drawn type, see the book Playful Type: Ephemeral Lettering and Illustrative Fonts, now on sale at MyDesignShop.com.