Pages From the World’s Stages: 10 Shakespeare Posters

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Today, on what is generally believed to be Shakespeare’s birthday, we’re breaking out our copy of Mirko Ilic and Steven Heller’s book Presenting Shakespeare: 1,100 Posters From Around the World. While innumerable directors and actors have given life to the bard’s masterworks, so too have designers.

Here are 10 posters from the past 200 years, pulled from the pages celebrating the stages.

Theater Alnwick, US, 1820. D: unknown

Habima National Theatre, IL, 1961. d: Dan Reisinger

Teatr Dramatyczny, PL, 1961. d: Henryk Tomaszewski (Dydo Poster Collection)

Teatar u podrumu Atelje 212, RS, 1971. D: Slobodan Masic

Teatr Dramatyczny, PL, 1981. d: Eugeniusz Get Stankiewicz (Dydo Poster Collection)Courtesy of Georgian State Museum of Theatre, Music, Cinema, and Choreography

Teatr Ochoty, PL, 1985. ad/d: Andrzej Pagowski (Dydo Poster Collection)

25 Curious Years, Theatre for a New Audience, US, 2004. d: Milton Glaser, p: Matthew Klein

arka Sunhaz, HU, 2005. d: Istvan Orosz

Shakespeare Theater Diever, NL, 2012. ad: Jack Nieborg, d: Pamlien Schutter, p: Korn Tummerman

Theatre for a New Audience, US, 2013. ad: Julie Taymor, d: Milton Glaser, Sue Walsh, p: Josef Astor

Images courtesy Princeton Architectural Press