Print’s Hand Drawn Illustration Competition, Runners Up

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Below are the two runners up for the illustration competitions. Please click here to see the winner, announced yesterday, and don’t forget to enter this year’s competition!

Forgotten by So Youn Lee (Pasadena, CA)

Materials used: Pen and inkArtist’s statement:

This piece is a part of a series of drawings on the theme of “Abandonment”. I tried to visualize the forgotten emotions in memories and how they dissolve into the past leaving behind mere events. I tried to portray this through the girl in the piece by having her “dissolve” into the landscape as if becoming a part of it while she slowly becomes a lifeless being as well. My intent was to depict a delicate scene because the timid and forgotten emotions in my memories are extremely fragile yet pretty.


Measurement of Time Passing This Summer by Chris Lyons (Pittsford, NY)

Materials’ used: Adobe IllustratorArtist’s statement:

I love to draw flowers. I drew the lush peonies from my garden in June. After a crazy 8 weeks of life—summer flew by with a birth, a death, my kids off to college—I noticed that my still life had marked the time beautifully. Tangible evidence of time passed.