Print’s Portfolio Review Winners: C2F

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For designers Cybu Richli and Fabienne Burri, the creative forces behind C2F, the only rule of design is to approach each new project with the same level of dedication as the last. “No job is less important,” Richli says. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a big job or not—we always investigate everything to get to a good result.”


Part of getting to the solution involves teamwork. Luckily, Richli and Burri respect eachother’s style and understand the importance of collaboration. “I always liked Cybu’s wayof approaching a design project,” Burri says. “He has a great imagination and is a brilliantdesigner. His studio always looked a bit like a laboratory. Cybu is a researcher. His experimentsyield perfected results.”


And if Richli brings the scientific element to the studio, Burri takes on the role ofrisk-taker. “Fabienne is really curious and tries out crazy stuff,” Richli says. “She is a greattypographer and communicator. She takes nothing as a given and is a critical thinker. I think together we are a perfect team.”

The team’s diverse portfolio was part of what caught judge Jessica Walsh’s eye.

“C2F’s portfolio is full of lovely graphic work that has a strong sense of composition, color and typographic elements,” she says. “They have a strong style, but their work doesn’t feel repetitive. Each piece feels fresh, interesting and unique.”


Walsh also appreciated the firm’s ability to create everything from editorial content and infographics to posters. This stems from the team’s emphasis on design from start to finish. “Design is more than typography and images,” Burri says. “Design is communication. Design is the right paper, the right weight, the right format—all of this is important.” Richli agrees. “Design touches all your senses,” he says.