Revamping “Resources” Magazine

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Academic and industry journals tend to be dense, austere affairs—but that doesn’t need to be the case.

With his redesign of Resources magazine, which focuses on research related to the environment and natural resources, James Round has shown that great design can co-exist and enrich any subject matter.

The triannual publication has been printed by the nonprofit Resources for the Future since 1959. For the update, Round worked alongside Resources managing editor Elizabeth Wason to create a design that enhances and celebrates the magazine’s central offerings.

“The structure is elaborate enough to allow for flexibility and flourish on content-heavy spreads, but crafted enough that each element has room to breathe, so no page feels too busy or overbearing,” Round details. “Illustration is featured throughout to bring the pages to life, and colors are muted but used generously to create a vibrance that is tonally appropriate.”

So far, two issues featuring the new design work have been released. Check out some highlights below.