Stamp Designs Go Dutch

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A one-square-inch sticker isn’t typically the first item that comes to mind when you hear the word “design.”

Postage stamps are so often overlooked given their ubiquity in our day-to-day lives—but Dutch design team beukers scholma has created a stamp set “For Every Moment” that is hard to ignore, and a delight to behold.

PostNL commissioned beukers scholma to design “occasional stamps with a positive appearance, suitable for a wide audience.” The results are six stamps with simple features resembling children’s book illustrations. Large, perfectly circular eyes compete for space with full, bright red mouths. The faces take up as much room as possible with their emotions practically bursting forth.

“We started from the emotions that people want to show when they seek contact by sending a card,” agency co-owner Haico Beukers tells the Virtual Stamp Club. “Emoticons and smileys are the ultimate way to convey emotions today. In our view, this requires an illustrative approach. Not too literal, but abstract.”

Very cute with just the slightest dash of unsettling, the Voor elk moment stamps make for a unique addition to any collector’s lot.