Take a Guided Tour of Zhongshuge’s Latest Mind-Blowing Bookstore

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Being that we’re “PRINT,” it comes as no surprise that we love bookstores.

And as self-appointed connoisseurs, we’re here to tell you that what the architecture firm X+Living does with them is utterly mind-blowing.

We covered the launch of Zhongshuge's hypnotic second Beijing location in July. Now, X+Living is back with another brilliant Zhongshuge book depot in Ningbo, on the East China Sea.

Let’s turn it over to X+Living for a guided tour. As we quarantine at home, it’s design escapism at its finest.

Walking close to Zhongshuge, you will see that the symbolic glass curtain wall is embedded in the thick stone facade. The concise base sends forth power and the charms of the bookstore are quietly displaced.

Walking through the huge glass door, you will see a different space [as] the light color and fine grid book wall come into view. Sofa chairs and private leisure seats are scattered among them.

The other side of the facade glass is another grand view. The … black walnut bookshelves overlap with each other, forming a masterpiece, like towering rocks long washed by running water. The designer integrates the rock texture drawing onto the bookshelves, adding more force and exquisiteness to the view and creating a charming landmark. The … composition instantly folds readers into giant landscape paintings.

A ladder emerges from the tranquility, and if you walk up to the second floor, you will find that the landscape of the concept area extends from the first floor to here. The multi-dimensional stacking of large bookshelves not only aims to create the artistry of the whole space, but also reflects the designer's careful thinking on the shape and functions of the bookshelves. … The effect of reflection and inversion broadens the visual experience of the limited space. With the sight line going down, different blocks can be seen endowed with different functional attributes. … It is under this special atmosphere that the value of people's time increases, and the operation of the bookstore is also revitalized.

Considering the vertical height of the forum area, the designer creates a double lecture hall that is high in the middle, [and] low on both sides.

[In the] children's area … music scores, along with the zither and Pipa-shaped bookshelves, present symbols of etiquette inheritance, all of which originate from the designer's rich feelings towards traditional culture, aiming to form an ideal growth environment for children.

All of this is to say: As we quarantine, we're taking a few moments to make sure our passports are up to date.