The Mohawk Show: 6 Paper-Perfect Projects

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In today’s all-encompassing digital domain, Mohawk wanted to see the best that the physical world had to offer—and the winners of the paper purveyor’s Mohawk Show delivered.

Judges Kelli Anderson, Tim Belonax, Andrew Gibbs, Ellen Lupton and Mike Renaud focused on the following factors when selecting the best of the best projects utilizing the company’s paper:

  • Object Quality

  • Material Quality

  • Paper as the Fifth Color (“Often overlooked, we will be on the lookout for thoughtful ways of printing on colored paper”)

  • Pairing Texture

  • Beauty

  • Paper & Process

From among hundreds of submissions from around the globe, the jury selected a Best in Show, alongside five individual Judge’s Choice awards. Here’s a look at the winners. For much more, including the stories behind all of the designs, head to the Mohawk Show.

(And stay tuned next week for some exciting news regarding the PRINT Awards!)

Best in Show: Wilco Ode to Joy Collector Box Set

“I’m a record collector, and I’ve seen a lot of impressive packaging. This floored me. The art direction and production went beyond gimmicks and showmanship for the sake of it—sometimes you can tell the difference between designers with a bunch of tricks up their sleeves and designers who have done a ton of research and contemplation, allowing the immersive part of the process to lead them to a place that is clearly informed and inspired by the heart and soul of the art it is referencing. Imagination manifested. An ode to joy indeed.”

—Judge Mike Renaud, Founder & Co-CEO, Varyer

Client: Wilco

Design: Lawrence Azerrad, LAD Design, Los Angeles

Printer: Lake County Press, Waukegan, IL

Mohawk Papers:

  • Album Book: Mohawk Via, Vellum, Pure White, 100 Cover (270 gsm)

  • Box: Mohawk Superfine, Smooth, Ultrawhite, 80 Cover (216 gsm)

  • Box Base + LP Jacket: Mohawk Superfine, Smooth, Ultrawhite, 160 Double Thick Cover (433 gsm)

Print Methods:

  • Offset Printing, Laser Die Cutting

Finishing Methods:

  • Album Book: Case Bound

  • Box: Soft Touch Laminate

Read more about the project here.

Kelli Anderson’s Judge’s Choice Award: AIA Indianapolis 2019 Year In Review

Client: AIA Indianapolis, Indianapolis

Design: Commercial Artisan, Indianapolis

Printer: Faulkenburg Printing, Franklin, IN

Merchant: Millcraft

Mohawk Papers:

Print Methods: Offset Printing

Finishing Methods: Saddle Stitching

Read more here.

Tim Belonax’s Judge’s Choice Award: RPG Gothic by Kara Gut

Client: Kara Gut

Design: New Archive, Grand Rapids, MI, Costa Mesa, CA

Printer: Brightformat, Grand Rapids, MI

Mohawk Papers:

Print Methods: Digital Printing, Silver Digital Foil

Finishing Methods: Twin loop wire bound with wraparound book jacket bound to wire at spine.

Read more here.

Andrew Gibbs’ Judge’s Choice Award: Blank Space

Client: Ultra Creative, Minneapolis

Design: Ultra Creative, Minneapolis


Mohawk Papers:

Print Methods:

  • Embossing, Foil Stamping, Offset Printing

Read more here.

Ellen Lupton’s Judge's Choice Award: Brutally Honest

Client: Emily Cohen

Design: Once-Future Office, New York City

Printer: Brilliant Graphics, Exton, PA

Mohawk Papers:

Print Methods:

  • Cover: Pro-shield Dull Film Lamination + Spot Scodix on one side

  • Text: 9 Color, Offset Printing

Finishing Methods: Smyth Sewn

Read more here.

Mike Renaud’s Judge’s Choice Award: Ex Labore Dulcedo / From Work Comes Sweetness

Client: Workhouse, Toronto

Design: Workhouse, Toronto

Printer: Flash Reproductions, Etobicoke, Ontario

Merchant: Spicers CA

Mohawk Paper: Curious Collection Metallics, Ice Gold, 92 Cover (250 gsm)

Print Methods: Digital Printing, Foil Stamping, Laser Die Cut

Read more here.