Timothy Goodman’s Valentine’s Day Gift To You

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Our good friend and frequent contributor, Timothy Goodman, is crazy. Crazy in love that is. And to prove his passionate devotion to all things romantic, he has undertaken an ambitious projects all in the name of love (and @timothyogoodman #selfpromotion of course).

His “Valentine Tweet Marathon,” like artist Jason Polan’s recent attempts to illustrate every person in New York City, is equal parts sweet, silly, frenetic, and downright loco. But, god bless, the kid. While he only got through 500 illustrations of the 1150 total, at least he tried. And isn’t Valentine’s Day all about the thought that counts? For that we say: Timothy Goodman we love you, too.

From his site:

Valentine Tweet Marathon12 hours / 1150 followers / 15 red Sharpies / 1 guyAs an act of perseverance, and compassion, graphic designer Timothy Goodman attempted to draw a unique valentine for every single one of his Twitter followers on February 14, 2012, between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM. I guess sometimes you have to be mad for love. Learn more about this project.

Here are a few examples. Check out his site to see them all.

red heart


todd oldham


A type


New England Patriots


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