Today’s Obsession: Devouring Everything

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The thing that I love most about the remix culture we’re now in: Changing tone is so easy, and so essential to changing a message. Here’s some freaky proof. Witness, artists Danial Ryan on YouTube.

The artist has slowed down the Olsen twins, back in their younger days singing some stupid song about pizza with what looks to be a racially inflammatory cast (i.e. bunch of white kids with one black kid, who, incidentally asks for fried chicken on her pizza, I couldn’t make this up if I tried). This has been making the rounds on Facebook for a while now, so you’ve probably seen references to it.

Danial has also decided to expose Paula Deen for the freakish unrepentant demon of consumption she is. In this funny, but slightly frightening clip, she’s making a sandwich in slo mo, and you can feel yourself having a heart attack in slo mo too. There’s piano in a minor key, and a blatant reference to the Exorcist. Yay.

Taken one step further, Danial’s made another Paula clip, rendering her downright terrifying. The clip is simply slowed down, and there’s a bit of editing here and there, and a soundtrack of eerily singing brain-damaged children in the background.

This is no longer just comedy, this is now cultural critique. Or you can just giggle and clap and pretend we’re just making a silly. Subversion is fun!