Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Designers to Follow This Week

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On the hunt for some visual inspiration or creative motivation? In our weekly Instagram roundup, we hope to give you exactly that. Here are 10 accounts to follow this Friday.

@peopleofcraftsmanship: People of Craft, an initiative by Amelie Lamont and Timothy Goodman, is a nonprofit showcasing creatives of color and their craft in design, art and more.

@thisismold: These photos that combine art direction with food and design truly inspire.

@history.jpeg: Showcasing historic photos of iconic figures from around the world.

@hattiestewart: An artist with a true sense of style and personality.

@wefallwefly: An Instagram account that’s a neutral dream.

@deejayzoo: Jackie Dejesu Center is an art director turned entrepreneur and inventor of Shhhowercap. Follow her journey and get inspired by her hustle and personal aesthetic.

@hello_artists: Curated photos that will have you clicking “save.”

@antisebastian: Get inspired by Sebastian Padilla, co-founder of Anagrama Studio, who recently directed his first film and provides beautiful design work for various restaurants in Mexico.

@kmgyeah: KMG is a mural artist and illustrator with a fun and playful point of view.

@indg0: Serbian artist whose photo composites combine music and motion to create dreamy blends.

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