Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Designers to Follow This Week

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On the hunt for some visual inspiration, or a shot of hope on the horizon? In our weekly Instagram roundup, we hope to give you exactly that. Here are 10 accounts to follow this Friday.

@solacilike: Los Angeles–based artist Laci Jordan showcases her bold, bright and intriguing illustrations.

@sasamana1204: Designer and artist whose latest creations involve masterpieces on my favorite carb, toast.

@charlottetaylr: London-based interior/set designer and creative director who transports you to a dreamy and cozy setting with each square.

@dailydiamonds: Get inspired by beautifully art directed photography dripping in this Berlin-based digital magazine’s subject matter: jewelry.

@jimandjuice: This Los Angeles artist’s still-life drawings will leave you curious and enchanted.

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@designershumor: We are all in need of a good laugh—and this feed serves up memes that only designers will get a kick out of.

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@loveandconnectionposterproject: A poster project born of the COVID-19 crisis that celebrates the theme of love and connection during isolation.

@vvorkroom: Creative studio that specializes in branding and strategy with a distinct approach. Each project brings a beautiful aesthetic and point of view.

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CONFESSION: like a total self punishing freak, I’ve been waking up most days in quarantine and emotionally and mentally abusing myself with prepping for the the day by watching the clip from “About Time” where the main character sees his dad for the last time. I’m not going to spoil it at all, but if you’ve seen the movie, you know how heavy that is. YES I AM SICK IN THE HEAD. . If you haven’t seen the movie, just know it’s one of those few stories that crushes you with the weight of how precious our time is together and leaves you ugly crying about how stupid you are for almost never remembering this truth or acting on it. . WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS? . Well, first off I’m just saying you should watch this movie (yes I’m talking about the Rachel McAdams one). The movie is about this guy with time traveling powers and it uses this fantastical premise to say some very real and beautiful things. . The second reason I bring it up, is for me to use this FANTASY premise to say some REAL things to you: if I had time traveling powers, this illustration is what I’d show my past self. Why? Because I’d want to say: “ANDY. You know that tiny suspicion you have that says you have some magic inside you? You are right. Bet on yourself. Invest in that thing. It takes you a decade to unearth it but only because you dig so little and so often distracted by self doubt! DIG MAN DIG! There’s gold! Believe it! . Before you ever find a hint of your magic, all you have is this sneaking suspicion, believe it…” . Wait a minute. Hold on. YOUR future self just popped out of a space time portal and now is grabbing my phone… . Hey. It’s you from the future. I came back to tell you. It’s true. In the future we realize Rachel McAdams is super underrated and we give her tons of retroactive oscars. But also. More importantly: YOU ARE MORE. You have hidden magic! DIG!!! DIG!!!!!! ✨ . Tag people who you know have so much magic to give and need to see it for themselves! Or tag people who need to see About Time! Haha seriously! Watch it!

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@andyjpizza: You’ve probably seen Andy’s work in The New York Times, Washington Post and Nickelodeon. Or you might have heard his podcast, Pep Talk. Now, find inspiration with his illustrations and Instagram stories.

@wherearethebossladies: A database showcasing leading females in the creative industry. Yes!

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