Type Tuesday: Patufet, a Monospaced Typewriter Typeface

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In Catalonia, the character Patufet is a bit like British folklore favorite Tom Thumb. In addition to being a coming-of-age children’s folktale rife with misadventure, En Patufet later took the form of a Spanish children’s magazine (see below)—and now, Patufet is also a typeface.

As the Barcelona-based Typerepublic writes, “Patufet is usually represented as a very small child the size of a rice grain. Taking the character into account, [the] Patufet type family shows itself as a very simple and humble Roman typeface.”

The face may be a monospaced typewriter-style design, but it’s anything but locked into the dry trappings of a mechanical keyboard. Rather, as the foundry writes of Patufet’s styles:

“Finet (UltraLight) is a touch of delicacy and elegance for titles and text in big sizes. Prim (Light) is somehow respectable and humble, while Mig (Regular) weight is quiet and unpretentious. A more rustic text appearance is provided with its Gras (Bold) weight, in order to speak a bit louder and naive.”

Small inspiration, big design. Check it out below. To grab a copy, head to Typerepublic.