Your Moment of Design Zen: “Anorak” and “Dot” Magazines

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Even if you don’t have children, it’s perfectly acceptable to peruse a kid’s magazine when the design is this delightful.

Anorak and Dot were created by The Face and Sleazenation alum Cathy Olmedillas. Unable to find publications for her son that weren’t dumbed down and replete with bad design, she launched Anorak in 2006 for kids 6+, and Dot in 2015 for kids 5 and under.

The quarterly magazines are produced ethically; both are printed on recycled paper using vegetable ink, both are ad-free, and both are not gender-specific.

Anorak draws its themes from the British National Curriculum, such as this recent issue focused on coral.

The latest issue of Dot, meanwhile—created in the midst of the pandemic—is all about laughter.

For their efforts, Olmedillas and her team have won high praise. Perhaps The New Yorker’s Françoise Mouly puts it best: “In everything Anorak does, the saccharine, fat and starch of the usual children’s fare has been replaced by the true sweetness of homegrown organic fare. Extreme fun for the kids and a visual delight for all.”

Studio Anorak manages the content and illustration of the publications, and has also turned out projects for Airbnb, H&M, Stella McCartney, Bayer, Pottermore and more.

For more, head to the Studio Anorak site.