Presenting Our Favorite Designers (So Far) from This Year’s ’36 Days of Type’

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Every year between February and April, typography junkies everywhere await with bated breath for the announcement of 36 Days of Type. The annual challenge invites designers, illustrators, and all manner of graphic artists to create and share a letter every day for 36 straight days. 

The project has become a vibrant celebration of all typographic styles, aesthetics, and techniques. It unites artists from around the world in a simultaneous act of flexing their skills and sharing their handiwork.

We are currently in the midst of the project’s 2022 edition, which launched on March 7th and will run through April 11th. It’s been a joy to behold the diversity of creative approaches on display, from chromed out animations by motion graphics artists to fluffy mini-rugs by fiber artists. To honor the incredible talent we’re seeing in this year’s challenge, we’ve curated a list of some of our favorite participants and their letters.

Tati Astua

Darach McSherry


Dan Burns

Rachael Ashe

Adrian J. Szwarc

Jorge Medina Ramos

Josep Prat Sorolla

Kate Brunn

Nedjida Nassy

J. Anthony Nathan

Rose J.

Linh Trinh