Airbnb Reboots Carrie Bradshaw’s Beloved Upper East Side Brownstone

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Anyone who’s watched even a single episode of the beloved HBO series Sex and the City knows that Carrie Bradshaw would make the world’s worst Airbnb host; she’s messy, she smokes, and she doesn’t have a single pot in her kitchen.

Alas, the adored sex columnist and shoe obsessive lived in one of the most iconic apartments to ever grace the silver screen, so it seems Airbnb is willing to roll the dice here. They announced this week that a few lucky fans would soon be able to spend the night in casa Carrie, right in the show’s titular location, of course, New York, New York.

The activation serves as promotion for the upcoming and highly anticipated reboot of the series, enticingly entitled And Just Like That…, slated to hit your HBO Max feeds this December. 

Sarah Jessica Parker herself will virtually welcome guests to the recreation of her character’s Upper East Side brownstone upon their arrival, and Cosmopolitans for toasting with the girls will obviously be on hand. A concierge will also be on-site throughout the stay.

Much like in the show itself, the star of the space is Carrie’s endearingly messy closet, filled with debt-inducing designer goods. Guests will have the chance to play dress-up in a wardrobe that would define an era, complete with a fashion-forward photo shoot. The stay package wouldn’t be complete without brunch in Chelsea, where some of the show’s most memorable post-date gossip sessions went down.

Only two one-night stays on either November 12th or 13th will be up for grabs at just $23 a night, with Airbnb’s books opening for these coveted spots on November 8th at 9 AM PST/12 PM EST. So whether you’re a Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, or Charlotte, you’ll have to act fast.

While this reboot of Carrie’s apartment seems nice enough, I couldn’t help but wonder…

Can you ever really reboot a past love?