Burger King UK Spills New Condiment Camouflage Shirt Design

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Sloppy eaters everywhere can finally breathe a sigh of relief, thanks to Burger King UK’s latest offering—a shirt made to camouflage globs of ketchup and mustard.

The shirt design was announced fresh off the heels of the fast-food giant’s launch of their “Gourmet Kings” range last week, which includes two new burgers called “The Argentinian” and “The Steakhouse.” 

To drum up excitement for these new menu additions and entice Burger King app usage, customers will get entered to win one of the limited edition shirts by purchasing either of the Gourmet Kings varietals on the BK app.

Only 100 of these “gloriously messy” condiment-camo button-ups are up for grabs, but you can’t win if you don’t spill! 

This “Fall Collection” was “made for drippin” through a collaboration with menswear designer Katie Eary and streetwear tailor Cloth Surgeon. The two emerging fashion starlets cooked up the busy and vibrant print using the key ingredients featured in The Argentinian and The Steakhouse, including tomatoes, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, crispy onions, and bacon. 

“I love how each shirt will offer a tangible benefit for those lucky Brits who get their hands on one—a worry-free way to indulge, spills or no spills and 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed,” Eary said in a statement.

It might not be a looker, but at least the Fall Collection serves a purpose. Now, all we need is for Crest to follow Burger King’s lead and release a shirt that camouflages drips of toothpaste.