Design & Science Meet in Accept & Proceed’s “Endless Vital Activity”

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The British studio Accept & Proceed has created cutting-edge work for BMW, Converse, Beats By Dre, Nike, Moleskine and other brands galore—and now, they’re taking design to the airwaves.

But Endless Vital Activity isn’t your average podcast about design. Rather, in each episode Accept & Proceed founder David Johnston and a guest apply design to the greatest challenges the world is facing today.

“As a studio, we pride ourselves on partnering with visionaries and radical thinkers,” Johnston says. “After a discussion on how we can best share information and affect change, we thought ‘what better way to share knowledge than via in-depth conversations with some of the greatest minds we’ve encountered?’ That’s when Endless Vital Activity was born.”

As for those radicals and visionaries, Johnston is aiming to spotlight minds from the creative and scientific communities. The first three episodes feature physician and biome educator Zach Bush, The Do Lectures’ Davie Hieatt, and Extinction Rebellion co-founder Clare Farrell.

Future guests include artist and director Refik Anadol, Ma-tt-er founder Seetal Solanki, and 2040 director Damon Gameau.

“Through Endless Vital Activity, we want to give everyone within the creative and comms communities access to the brightest minds from science, environmental activism and the arts, to name a few areas,” Johnston says.

Here’s some of the promo art for the show so far—and the first three episodes.