Going Letterpress to Rock the Vote

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Founded in 1929, Globe is a legend of printing history—and now the press, which MICA acquired in 2011, has partnered with Rock the Vote to turn its type toward the future.

The resulting collaboration is a limited-run poster duo designed to help get people to the polls.

In this time of distance and remote everything, it is important for us to get tangible and inspiring materials into excited voters’ hands,” Rock the Vote brand and creative director Morgan Searcy says. “As a firm believer that print is not dead or dying—but rather evolving—I wanted to create two print pieces that reinforce the messaging we are releasing on social and digital platforms, with the hope that it can inspire and spread voter enthusiasm beyond the immediate 2020 election cycle.”

The first poster clocks in at 14 x 22. It features a screenprinted background on 130-pound stock, with the black text printed using the Globe Collection and Press at MICA’s historic blocks.

The second poster measures 12 x 18, and is risograph-printed on 80-pound white cover stock, featuring the “Freedom” imagery on one side and voter information on the back.

The set is a bargain at $25—and profits benefit Rock the Vote. Check it out here.

Globe at MICA has also released two protest posters this year under a Creative Commons license for anyone to use. They appear below. Download them here.

And please, please—vote.