Minimalism Meets Childhood Sentimentality In LEGO’s First-Ever Line of Wooden Housewares

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It can be hard to lego of the past, especially when it comes to those formative childhood toys that were more like friends than objects. Now you don’t have to, thanks to LEGO Group and Danish design brand Room Copenhagen who’ve teamed up to release LEGO’s first-ever line of wooden housewares.

As it turns out, LEGO originally used wood as the material for their iconic bricks up until 1960, when it then made the transition to the brightly colored plastic we all associate with the brand. They’ve revisited wood only once since then, back in 2018 when they first partnered with Room Copenhagen to create the LEGO Originals Wooden Minifigure, a 7-inch tall LEGO figure made from oak that customers are encouraged to customize.

Now LEGO has returned to its wooden roots with this collection of minimalist house accessories, including wall hangers, picture frames, desk drawers, and book racks. Each item is assembled by hand and made from red oak, with products available in either a soap oak or stained oak finish.

The accessories have been designed to the scale for the original LEGO brick dimensions, meaning most of them can be conveniently stacked, just like their classic plastic counterparts we all know and love.

Playing with and displaying typical toy LEGOs as an adult might be a bit of a cry for help, but anything made from a smooth, warm wood is undeniably sophisticated as hell.

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