Submit Your Typography to ‘Mastering Type’ Today!

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Calling all type lovers!

Are you a typography enthusiast with work you’re proud of that needs to be shared? Whether you’re a student or bonafide professional typographer, now’s the time to flex your design chops by submitting to the second edition of Mastering Type.

The first edition of Mastering Type was compiled back in 2012 and is now ready for its next iteration, courtesy of author Denise Bosler and Bloomsbury Publishing. Recently, they made an international call for submissions in search of fresh creative typographic designs for their second edition.

As one of the core tenants of design, trends in typography reflect the zeitgeist in compelling and critical ways. Mastering Type captures a moment in time through the lens of typography, and you can be a part of it.

We encourage you to throw your typographic hat in the ring and submit to the Mastering Type Second Edition now! It’s free to submit until July 1, 2023.