Jillian Adel Reckons With Death, Love, Abundance, and Healing In Upcoming Show

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“The world around us is full of Death,” states artist Jillian Adel in the opening of the blurb for her upcoming show in Syracuse, NY, The Opposite of Death. She isn’t pulling any punches in what will be her second collection, on view at the Stay Fresh Gallery between November 5th through November 9th as part of their Artist Series. 

Adel is a Los Angeles-based artist, activist, and designer, grappling with social awareness, radical presence, and observation with her art that’s fueled by strong paint strokes and a frenetic energy. She explores community and transformation in her work, examining the micro of personal experience and relationships.

The multimedia artist continues investigating these themes in The Opposite of Death as she reflects on our ongoing confrontations with death, collectively and individually, which so many of us have faced more than ever before due to COVID-19. 

“For some, this experience has involved a very literal reckoning with Death, and therefore, also with Love, Abundance, and Healing,” writes Adel in the show’s description. “For this is the nature of Opposites. What happens in the liminal space between polarities?”

From exposure to pole dancing and sex work communities to designing within typography, poetry, zines, and ceramic practices, Jillian brings a rich perspective informed by each of these entities to her work within the new exhibit opening next week.

Jillian will speak about the show and her work, activism, and adventures at Funk n’ Waffles on November 5th at 5 pm, immediately followed by an opening reception at the Stay Fresh Gallery at 6 pm. Jillian is also releasing a book of the same name to accompany The Opposite of Death, which will be available for pre-sale starting November 4th. You can sign up here for a notification when the book is available for sale.