Toiletpaper Launches a Subversive and Surrealist Line of Beauty Products

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The wacky minds over at Toiletpaper Magazine have brought their surrealist perspective to the beauty space, having just released a new line of hair products, bath & body items, hand soaps, and fragrances for the home with their latest endeavor, Toiletpaper Beauty.

The Toiletpaper team, led by founders artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari, partnered with Italian cosmetics manufacturer La Bottega for the line, putting their heads together to develop “a collection with unique character which conveys the passion and fun of its creators.”

The products and packaging are infused with Toiletpaper’s signature pop-art, collage-inspired graphics, and cheeky point of view, in turn subverting typical beauty industry aesthetics. The result serves as a commentary on the cosmetics and wellness worlds, featuring provocative imagery such as a 2 of Spades playing card slotted between naked butt cheeks, spaghetti spilling out of leather shoes, and a whole lot of snakes.

Toiletpaper Beauty is composed of six expansive categories: Hair (conditioner and shampoo), Bath & Body (balm, soap, oil, scrubs, lotion, and gel), Hands (cream, spray, gel, and wash), Home (spray, dish soap, and diffusers) Leisure Wear (beach towels, bath towels, pareos, pouches, socks, jacquards, travel kits, slippers, pajama sets, nightshirts, and robes), and Kits of various product bundles.

Collectively, the line presents “an immersive and colored leisure experience” and a refreshing, not-so-beautiful take on beauty products, ultimately breaking—nay, shattering—the industry mold.