Typographic Blankets for Beirut

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On Aug. 4, two explosions devastated Lebanon’s capital city, Beirut, killing at least 160 people, injuring thousands, and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless.

In the wake of the tragedy, type and graphic designer Wael Morcos is seeking to help his home city however he can. Yesterday, the Brooklyn-based Morcos Key released a beautiful typographic blanket to raise funds for the Lebanese Red Cross and Helem, a Beirut-based LGBTIQ organization.

The blanket is set in Lyon Arabic, which Morcos designed with Khajag Apelian—who was raised between Dubai and Beirut—and says “Beirut in My Heart.”

“This design was created immediately following news of the explosion as an expression of the love we have for Beirut and its inhabitants,” Morcos Key writes. “Join us in sending love their way.”

The jacquard woven blanket, made with 100% cotton, measures 54 x 72", and all proceeds go to the charities mentioned above. Final donation numbers will be disclosed online.

For more, head to Morcos Key’s online shop.