February 2008 Table of Contents

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Design Under PressureDesign born of conflict and opposition has the power to inspire, inform, and provoke. Plus: Monica Racic looks back at how PRINT has covered conflict throughout the years.ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY ELISA VALENZUELA

The Last King of BollywoodBalkrishna Vaidyas handpainted film posters helped create the Bollywood aesthetic, but these days, he cant find work at home.BY NANDINI RAMNATH

The Right ClickGoogle Earth and YouTube can find your house or favorite music video in seconds. Can they help end genocide?BY JEREMY LEHRER

The Killing FieldsWherever there are leftover landmines, theres an urgent need for warnings. Thats where design comes in.BY JOHN EMERSON

From Despotism to DestinationCan a troubled nation be rebranded?BY BEN CARMICHAELDrawing FireContemporary comics take a hard look at the conflict in Iraq, and metaphors abound.BY DOUGLAS WOLK

Terms of ExchangeNorthern Ireland’s sectarian murals offer a testament to past strife. In peacetime, should they be replaced?BY SEAN ASHCROFT

¡Cuba Libros!Ediciones Vigía produces books with sugarcane paper, mimeographs, and sheer determination.BY JENNIFER EHRENBERG

Graphic Displays of FaithThe Creation Museum embraces the latest trends in exhibition design to present its case against evolution.BY JANDOS ROTHSTEIN

Szyk TransitThe greatest work of a once-famous anti-fascist illustrator has been beautifully restored, but not without some conflict along the way.BY STEVEN HELLER


CONTRIBUTORS Where we’re calling from.

F.O.B. $10 million graffiti, Wong Kar Wai’s HDTV commercial, Abraham Lincoln goes punk, and more.

SHELF LIFEAlternative alphabets, diamond dogs by Karim Rashid, and album art with soul.

MONOLOGUELife Lines Designers may be the best first responders to the voids left by war.BY JESSICA DHEERE

OBSERVERWarm Regards How will graphic designers shape the discourse about climate change?BY RICK POYNOR

DIALOGUE Philip Burke, Drew Friedman, Robert Grossman, and Victor Juhasz, editorial caricaturists.INTERVIEW BY STEVEN HELLER

IN PRINTVol. 22/nos. 5 & 6 In 1968, graphic designers were challenged to join the revolution.BY MARTIN FOX

DESKTOPHard Focus Conflict photography in a high-tech world.BY ANDREW BLUMPlus: Archiving made easy, Mac nostalgia, and a face with many faces.

BOOKSInside North Korea, by Mark Edward Harris; Welcome to Pyongyang, by Charlie Crane; Darfur: Twenty Years of War and Genocide in Sudan, edited by Leora Kahn; photographs by Lynsey Addario, Colin Finlay, Kadir van Lohuizen, and Ron Haviv; Pictures Without Borders, by Steve HornREVIEW BY BRIAN SHOLISWar Posters: Weapons of Mass Communication, by James AulichREVIEW BY PETER TERZIAN Africa Comics, curated by Sandra Federici, Thelma Golden, Andrea Marchesini Reggiani, and Mary Angela SchrothREVIEW BY AUSTIN MERRILL