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Thumbnail for Bill Blackbeard's Final Splash Panel

—Stillais a headline typeface for anyone waiting for Poster Bodoni to shrugoff its restrained precision and get a little funky. Remaining true toits Fat Face brethren (e.g. Normande, Falstaff),Stilla is primarily defined by thick verticals, high contrast, and aself-assured boldness. But beyond that, it takes its solo show on theroad, ’70s style—bombastic ball terminals dance; a saucy, come-hitherampersand beckons; and flamboyant characters swoon and groove(especially check out the capital C, E, K, T, X, and Z). And don’t missthe opening act: absolutely outrageous old-style numerals. Stilla’sinherent elegance complements its exaggerated eccentricities, like achild of a truly righteous era.STEPHEN COLES and ANNA MALSBERGER