Los Niches

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We still can’t get enough of Typographica’s “Typefaces of 2007,” so Anna Malsberger revisits her review of Los Niches.

Like any effective ensemble, Los Niches knows when to wait in the wings, and when to take the stage. Most of its modern monoline letterforms are stylized yet understated: sleek and elegant, but ultimately serving as a foil for the marquee talent. Its core cast of characters (f, t, w, Q, B, M, W, R) playfully traipses above and below the baseline with a sweet exuberance.

The lowercase ‘f’ puffs out its chest with exaggerated aplomb, and ‘t’ splits into a script stem reminiscent of a table—grab a cocktail and pull up a chair to watch the show.

The ampersand is discernibly ‘e’ and ‘t’, an articulation generally reserved for italic serif faces and chanceries. Its personality draws on a variety of styles, yet exercises restraint when doing so, producing a versatile typeface that’s both consistent and idiosyncratic. ANNA MALSBERGERThis review is reprinted from Typographica’s “Typefaces of 2007.”