In design, stay true to yourself and true to your project

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In the world of commercial design, there are many different ideas about best and worst practices (in a shocking revelation, it turns out designers are opinionated). These opinions are often expressions of personal taste more than articulations of hard and fast rules. Like all creative arts, design is a fickle, ever-changing beast and there are endless subjective opinions and only a few unbreakable laws. When a designer says, say, “Helvetica is a lazy font,” what they’re often saying is “I’ve seen Helvetica misused one too many times and I’m over the whole thing.”

We at Mingo believe that good design is about more than being complicated or straight-forward, intricate or simple, busy or minimal, Helvetica or Comic Sans. It’s not an either/or proposition; It could be any combination of those things, because it’s ultimately about going with what’s right for the project. (Yes, we believe there’s even a time and place for Comic Sans—for instance, many readers with dyslexia find the font much easier to read.)

The Right Treatment

Sure, we have the tools to execute the most sprawling and layered of concepts (we love those jobs), but sometimes the most challenging, effective work boils down to a few clean lines, a well-chosen word or two, and the right print treatment.

That’s why this year we’re celebrating all the places you can go with design treatments. Elegant or intricate, neon or metallic, bold or simple or boldly simple—we’re committed to doing what’s right by your project. Go bold or go subtle, go glossy or go matte, go neon or go metallic, just go with what’s right for you and your project. Stay true to yourself and true to your project—and always go Mingo.

Why Don’t You Stop By?

As you discover what’s right for your project and your print deadline approaches, we’re here to help—whether it’s offering our own opinions on things like color schemes, ink choices, paper treatments or printing methods, or simply helping to shepherd your fully realized vision from digital file to printed reality, we’re on standby, eager to assist.

So stop by, poke around, get a quote, and chat with a member of Team Picasso about what we can do for you. We look forward to the conversation.

AUTHOR | Amy Gravley, account director at Mingo Press, is a master of many talents, including quotes (making them, and remembering really good ones), treating customers with respect, and making sure M.I.N.G.O stands for something.