June 2008 Table of Contents

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Mad for PlaidScotlands renewed national pride is evident in its fervor for applying tartan to anything and everything.BY ELIZABETH GOLD

Kuddle Up to KrúttIcelandic musicians and their designer cohorts are inexorably drawn to the cozy, twinkling appeal of krútt—all things cute.BY DAVID SOKOL

Eastern PromisesThe changing face of East London after dark, in pictures and words.BY SUKHDEV SANDHU, WITH ILLUSTRATIONS BY PAUL DAVISExtraordinary MeeplesIn Germany, board games are more than sturdy and beautiful objects. Theyre a way of life.BY BLAKE ESKIN

X Marks the SpotEven in Paris and New York, putting sex on display requires bravado—and finesse.BY VÉRONIQUE VIENNE

Drawn TogetherIllustration is enjoying a moment across Europe. Twelve artists talk about their methods, hopes, plans, and inspirations.INTRODUCTION BY JUDE STEWART


CONTRIBUTORS Where we’re calling from.

F.O.B. Manga meets Shakespeare, types new black, portraits of cows, and a very peculiar design fetish.

SHELF LIFEAlbum art’s natural selection, Colt 45s brand-new bag, and chic French grammar.

MONOLOGUEThe Italian Job As Turin gains a new design-world honor, there’s hope for change. BY BENJAMIN SUTHERLANDOBSERVERNot Dead Yet British independent magazines cater to an enduring need for tactile “thing-ness.” BY RICK POYNOR

SOCIETY Head Games Despite lawsuits and harassment, Turkey’s cartoonists are testing the limits of satire. BY SACHA GUNEY

DIALOGUEDaniel Eatock, artist and designer. BY STEVEN HELLER

IN PRINTVol. 18/no.3, vol. 19/no. 5, Feliks Topolski of Poland and Lajos Szalay of Hungary were master draftsmen. BY MARTIN FOXDESKTOPMotion Granted On the move.BY ANDREW BLUM Plus: Poser upgrades, and a face for the Empire State Building.

BOOKSGolden Legacy: How Golden Books Won Children’s Hearts,Changed Publishing Forever, and Became an American Icon Along the Way,by Leonard S. Marcus REVIEW BY BRUCE N. WRIGHTMassin, by Laetitia WolffREVIEW BY PAUL SHAW

Graphic Design: A New History, by Stephen J. EskilsonREVIEW BY JOHANNA DRUCKERStrangely Familiar: Acrobats, Athletes, and Other Traveling Troupes, by Michal Chelbin REVIEW BY PADDY JOHNSON