LUST: An Exercise in Non-Branding

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WHAT WAS MORE interesting to us than the fact that it’s a marijuana package is the idea of how you can deal with branding strategies in different ways, breaking loose from the swollen language brand managers use. Marketing concepts eliminate anything that differs from the values they embody. As a result, there’s no place in the market for ideas other than the ones brand managers have named and turned into an identity. The fact that there is no name and no brand identification is a deliberate choice: The design makes it recognizable. This fact means the consumer can handle the idea of a brand or identity in a different way—the facts and figures are the brand. The point is to open discussion about the ideas behind identity and branding.

APPROACH: We liked the Jamaica connection for the color scheme. It’s both refreshing and bright, but it also ties the different elements of the pack together. It plays with it, without using the typical symbols.

NAME: We decided to not to use a name or any other identification, but just statistics about marijuana. The seal is an old image of a marijuana plant. The only reason that it’s folded out is to show the complexity of the data.