Print’s 45th Student Cover Competition

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Print‘s Student Cover Competition started in 1964 as a showcase for designers about to enter the field. This is the 45th competition, and we want you to help us pick the winner.Update: Voting has now ended for this year’s competition. We are tabulating the results.

This year, like last year, we are opening up the judging to Print readers. Our two judges, Jeff Glendenning, from Studio Glendenning, and Jiae Kim, from Theme Magazine, thought these three covers best exemplified the theme of“Design, Culture, and Youth,” but the choice of first-, second-, and third-prize winneris up to you. Interestingly, all three finalists are Canadians, although we received entries from all over the world. The winning design will be featured in our April 2009 issue.

Voting ends December 12, 2008.

Student: Ann Christiani

Professor: Frank Reimer

School: Red River College, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Christiani traced the words “The Golden Age” into the lines of her grandfather’s face, and wrote in her submission, “The theme of Design, Culture, and Youth is shown through the eyes of a old man in contemplation; the juxtaposed illustration creates a merging of the old and new.”

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Student: Jenny Kim

Professor: Robin Mitchell

School: Vancouver Film School, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Kim took a grid of formal graduation photos and inserted a picture of herself with an iguana on her head. She wrote, “The world keeps pushing youth to explore their creativity and uniqueness…. Today’s world needs people who are brave enough to try new things.”

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Student: Amani Lusignan

Professor: Nelu Wolfensohn

School: Université du Quebéc à Montréal, Montréal, Quebec, Canada

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Lusignan designed her cover image to confront a consumerist society. She wanted her Print cover to, she wrote, “reference poverty, water pollution, hunger, war and the environment…. Today’s youth have an urgent need to deal in the near future with all the problems raised through my images.”

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